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“Words which do not satisfy the ear of the listener will always weary or annoy him; and you will often see signs of this in such listeners in their frequent yawns”.

(Leonardo Da Vinci)

“If he wants to see charming beauties, he can create them. If he wants to see monstrous things, scary, clownish or compassionate things, he can create and control them.
When he wants to generate desert sites, dark places, cold when the weather is warm, he can realize them. He can create warm places in a cold reality. He can generate a framework, where from the top of the highest mountains we can discover a countryside and from the horizon we can glimpse the sea. From the valley we can see the high mountains and from the mountins we can catch sight of valleys and beaches. He is the master of everything, thanks to his essence, presence and imagination.
Firstly, he builds an image in his mind and  then  his expert hand generats a proportioned amorny in just one glaze, creating things…”


(Leonardo da Vinci)


“Ah good: let in the infinite!”

 (L. Aragon)